Spring May Mean Battery Changes for Solar Lights

New Batteries: Often a Quick Fix for Solar Lights
New Batteries: Often a Quick Fix for Solar Lights

Whether your solar lights remained outdoors during the winter or whether you’re adding stored ones back to your landscape, odds are that some of the lights won’t be working properly.

The good news: most solar lights will work as good as new with new rechargeable batteries.

The bad news: if you use the wrong type or size battery, you may well permanently damage the fixture and void any warranties.

Here’s some important things to note about solar lights and batteries, including when to tell the solar light has outlived its usefulness and replacement batteries are a waste of time and money.
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Two Common Adjustments for Solar Lights in Spring

Spring Tips for Solar Lights with Motion Sensors and/or Adjustable Panels

Many solar lights, particularly spotlights and flood lights, need two adjustments each time the seasons change so that you get the brightest and longest lasting illumination each night.

The first change is to adjust the solar panels so that they get the most sun.

The second common adjustment is for solar lights that have PIR motion detectors.

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Commercial Solar Lights: A Great Solution for Property Managers

Restaurant, courtyard, basketball court, park, industrial loading dock.Not enough people understand the benefits of solar lights for property managers, and that’s why commercial solar lighting is often misunderstood.

Some people think that solar lighting is largely broken into two types:

  • Solar lights for residential settings, and with lots more to choose from we wish we could say that all lights are great, but the fact is there more more junky “disposable” solar lighting than ever before.
  • Expensive solutions for commercial properties, such as big-ticket solar street lights or complex systems where solar panels power a system of lights that involve a power lines similar to electrical systems.

Sure, those two types exist, but there’s a whole lot more, and one of these are stand-alone commercial solar lights.  While we finish our detailed post, we hope you take a look at our latest YouTube video on Stand-Alone Commercial Lights.  Then, hop over to SolarFlairLighting.com to check out some of the different types of commercial lights we offer. Continue reading

Winter Blues? Get Springy with It by Buying Before Seasonal Prices Rise

Don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of Winter 2013/2014. To over a bit of winter blues, I planted some seeds and dahlia bulbs to get a jump on Spring.

YouTube ChannelI also took looked at the stored solar garden products and thought that maybe some videos of popular solar lights and garden products will remind you: Spring really is just around the corner!

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Did Snow Cover Impact Your Solar Lights? Quick Fix!

snow drifts covering fence and homeMany parts of the United States have had snow and ice storms over the past couple of months: including areas that don’t normally get hit with severe weather conditions.

Past posts have discussed how to care for solar lights during winter (including what to take in before the weather hits), and what to do (and not do) with solar lights covered with snow or ice hits.

If your solar lights or the solar panel of any solar powered product was covered with snow more than a few days, you may notice that your solar lights aren’t as bright or don’t stay on as long as normal once the snow melts. Luckily, there’s a really easy fix so that most solar lights or water features will well as ever!

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Important Do and Do Not Tips for Solar Lights, Solar Products During Ice, Snow Storms

Ice_Snow_on_HomeWith so much of the US dealing with extreme cold, and both ice and/or snow storms, we thought we’d review some important Do’s and Don’ts for solar products, particularly solar lights.

You may not be able to use all lights for the duration of the current weather, but these tips will help you make sure that they work long after the weather settles down.

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Not Too Late to Get Great Holiday Gifts!

It’s Not Too Late to Get Great Holiday Gifts! ACTUALLY NOW IT IS
So: see https://solarlightingsmart.com/2013/12/13/did-the-holidays-sneak-up-on-you-tip-to-avoid-expedited-delivery-costs-charges/

While we can’t get everything everywhere, we still have lots of great items that will make great, environmentally-friendly Christmas gifts.  Solar lanterns, solar lamps, decorative solar lights, games, solar-lit mobiles/wind chimes, fountains, and special birdhouses and bird feeders. The photos are just a sample of the many gifts we have, most of the ones shown are well under $100, all with free shipping. Continue reading

Video of Super Bright LEDs Need Help for Super Bright Solar Lighting

For a more detailed discussion of the material in this video, please see our blog post Forget Super Bright LEDs. Motion of Light Beams Means Quality Solar Lights. While almost all solar lights claim to have “Super Bright LEDs,” it’s simply not true. While highly efficient, LEDs need help to provide high quality, bright lighting.

Whether LEDs are used in solar lighting or more traditional fixtures, the fact is that LEDs alone can’t product quality light without some help. Find out what many people overlook when selecting solar lights: how reflection and refraction technology really are need to make solar lighting and LEDs truly “Super Bright.”

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Forget Super Bright LEDs. Motion of Light Beams Means Quality Solar Lights

What's That Funky Cone For? Find Out!

Why is That Funky Cone in That Solar Lamp? Find Out!

We use the term “super bright LED” quite often. So do most solar light retailers, distributors and manufacturers.  But “Super Bright LEDs” is a term that actually means very little in terms of the overall brightness of a solar lighting fixture.

Note: We’re updating this post and moving it to our new onstore blog at SolarFlairLighting.com. In the meantime, check out our video to see why LEDs aren’t all that makes lights super bright, no matter how SUPER bright, aren’t what makes lights (or electric or solar) provide bright and well-cast illumination over a meaningful area.

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Retrofits with Solar Lights: When You Need Electricians or Plumbers


Lamp on Left is Ugly, Worn Out, Electric and a Great Candidate for a Solar Retrofit

One of the major advantages of solar lights is that most are incredibly easy to install, a simple DIY weekend project.

And, selecting solar lights over electrical fixtures means cost savings on far more than utility bills. Solar lighting means cost savings since:

  • No Electricians to install power to remote/unlit areas
  • No expenses to repair landscaping or hardscape damaged by laying electrical lines
  • Rarely are any permits or inspections required.

But, there are rare exceptions when you should consult or hire a qualified electrician, plumber or even a lighting engineer.

The most common reason: when you retrofit an existing gas or electrical lamp with an eco-friendly and more energy efficient solar light.  Find out what you really should should have a licensed professional take care of and why. Continue reading