Humane Solution for Nuisance Animals: Solar Pest Control

Learn how solar powered products can help protect your property and animalsWith three feet of snow outside, it’s a bit hard to believe that spring really is just around the corner.

With spring coming, we want to remind you that taking care of nuisance animals is often much easier if action begins before the animals have their young.

It’s said that God loves all creatures; not so for folks who deal with filth, garden or property damage, or when your animals are at risk. Solar pest control is both humane and effective: no poison, no physical harm to animals (including pets and people). Continue reading

Product Spotlight on Solar Pest Control

We’ve discussed solar pest control in past blog posts and now have a video that show some of the different products available for specific types of nuisance animals from from crows to geese to moles and deer. Even stronger, more predatory animals such as foxes and coyotes can be deterred with the right type of solar device. Continue reading

Solar Lighting Tips

Each week our sister site,, posts tips about solar lighting.

Some tips address how to get the most from solar lighting at different times of the year. Others discuss the attributes of different types of solar lights and other solar products, including what to look for to get the most for your money.

Many of these tips are directly from or have been the Understanding Solar Lighting page of

Based on customer requests, we now will be listing all Solar Tips of the Week on this site

Solar Means Cost-Effective Eco-Friendly and Humane Pest Control!

Moles Destroy GardensWhile many of us need to wait a couple more months before starting our gardens, this is a great time of year to purchase solar pest control, because the spring garden season often brings higher prices.

And, whether your pest are geese, deer, moles, coyotes, or burrowing mammals such as moles and groundhogs, there are many humane and highly effective solar products that can keep your property free of nuisance animals.

Depending on where you live, odds are that some type of wildlife has destroyed your landscape, gardens or shrubs.  Along with lower prices, installing solar pest control now means that some pests will be long gone before garden season or that migrating animals such as Canadian Geese, migrate north. Continue reading

Oh Deer! Are They Eating Your Shrubs and Trees?

Protect Your Landscape From Deer

Hungry Deer Eat Most Anything This Time of Year

Now that much woodland foliage is gone, deer tend to move into residential areas. And hungry deer will eat just about anything.

In some areas, deer are very destructive and eat anything from young shoots in the spring and summer to evergreens and other shrubs used by gardeners.

There are many things to protect your landscape and gardens and some are more efficient and effective than others.

Continue reading