Product Focus on Solar Spot Lights

Featured products - solar spotlights at are one of the most versatile types of solar lights in terms of what’s available and how you can use them.

  • Need extra light in an area difficult to reach with electricity? Check!
  • Want choices between continuous on or Motion Detection? No problem.
  • Enhanced security? Covered.
  • Looking for a no-fuss way to add drama to a special landscape feature? Easy!

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Video of Super Bright LEDs Need Help for Super Bright Solar Lighting

For a more detailed discussion of the material in this video, please see our blog post Forget Super Bright LEDs. Motion of Light Beams Means Quality Solar Lights. While almost all solar lights claim to have “Super Bright LEDs,” it’s simply not true. While highly efficient, LEDs need help to provide high quality, bright lighting.

Whether LEDs are used in solar lighting or more traditional fixtures, the fact is that LEDs alone can’t product quality light without some help. Find out what many people overlook when selecting solar lights: how reflection and refraction technology really are need to make solar lighting and LEDs truly “Super Bright.”

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Video – Curious About Solar Spot Lights?

Solar_Spotlight_Video_from SolarFlairLighting

Check it out on YouTube!

We’re adding more videos every day.  If you’re wondering how solar spotlights can help you meet your landscape lighting needs, this video has some great tips.

Spotlights serve functional needs, like brightening doorways and can also add dimension to your gardens by varied uses of lights. The benefits of flexible spotlights, what to look for when buying are briefly reviewed in this video.

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