How to Use Hydraulic Pressure Calculators When Picking Solar Water Pumps

water feature with calculator overlayCan solar pumps do EVERY thing that electric pumps can? No, but they can do a lot more than many people think.

And you don’t need to deal with transformers, electrical conduits, or cords. Solar pumps mean no often costly increases to your electric bill and you eliminate the noise of most electric pumps.

In fact, we’ll soon retrofit our patio fountain with a solar pump because the current pump is louder than the sound of the trickling water, hardly relaxing.

This post covers how to properly use a Hydraulic Calculator: what to measure and how to input the measurements properly. We’re showing two examples of how we used our Hydraulic Head Pressure calculator to help two customers select solar pumps: one to retrofit an existing electric pump, the other for a new waterfall. Continue reading

Include Solar Water Features in Your Springtime Garden Plans

foxboro_water_gardenIf you’re looking for a way to add sound and movement to your garden this year, don’t forget about water features. Whether you’re thinking about adding a new pond or a stand-alone feature, solar powered fountains and pumps are a great way to do so without a lot of expense.

Here’s some resources that may convince you that adding water to your garden, terrace or balcony is a lot easier than you think. Continue reading

Winter Blues? Get Springy with It by Buying Before Seasonal Prices Rise

Don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of Winter 2013/2014. To over a bit of winter blues, I planted some seeds and dahlia bulbs to get a jump on Spring.

YouTube ChannelI also took looked at the stored solar garden products and thought that maybe some videos of popular solar lights and garden products will remind you: Spring really is just around the corner!

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Video: Learn About Solar Water Foutains

Today, there are solar water fountains in almost every style you can imagine. This video shows some of the many looks solar fountains can give you, and also reviews the different technology available.

We hope this helps you pick a water fountain perfect for your garden or outdoor living area, and which ones will operate the way you want!

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This Spring, Bring Solar Water Features into Your Garden!

The heart of any garden is the plants, but water features can make the different between ordinary gardens and real show stoppers. Whether you want simple features like birdbaths or small fountains, or a full-scale pond water garden, there are many solar products available.

And why go solar? Note: we’ve updated this this post and moved it to our store’s onsite blog, since we will soon discontinue this blog and replace it with a new one that addresses a far wider range of topics.

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