JibJab 2013 Review and Poll: What Is Your Strongest 2013 Memory

jibjab_2013Sneak Preview

As follower of JibJab.com since 2004 election and eagerly await the year in review each December. This one: we rate C-plus. Not awful, but not as good as the best ones (“205” “In 2007“)  Tip: Watch in Highest Def your browser can handle. It goes by FAST…

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MAP Pricing Means That Steal of A Deal May Not be Delivered

Distributors often refuse to ship products purchased below MAP pricingJust a couple of years ago, only a few manufacturers used MAP pricing. Today, most of products we sell have Minimum Advertising Prices, also known as MAPs.

To sell the items, retailers promise not to sell the product for below the MAP. Doesn’t matter how big or small the store is, and usually the promise is in the form of a legally binding written contract.

This post explains MAP pricing: Why are manufacturers using MAPs these days? What happens when MAP “Cheaters” are caught? Is the product you want subject to MAP pricing? And: if a store lies to or cheats a company they work with all the time, why would an individual customer be treated better?  

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And Let the Sales Begin

We just turned on many many great deals on several of our best birdhouses and bird feeders from Home Bazaar at SolarFlairLighting.com. Here’s a quick review of some, and much more will be coming soon, including many solar lights, and other great things for your home, or for to check off your holiday gift lists. Video shows small sample, with more coming Friday and different sales coming in next week or so. Why deal with mobs, stampedes and circling around and around for parking? Start your holiday shopping now at home. (Especially when shipping is free!)


Understanding MAPs and Why to Avoid Stores That Cheat on Them


Fact: Most Liars Regularly Lie;  Most Cheaters Regularly Cheat.

Our store, SolarFlairLighting.com, has many products (including our Solar Lamps and Lamp Posts) that have “Minimum Asking Prices,” more commonly known as MAPS.

Resellers usually agree to MAP pricing when they enter contracts with manufacturers and distributors.  The deal: you  can go well below the MSRP, but you can’t go below a certain price point.

Unfortunately, not all stores honor the promise they make to uphold MAPs.  This post discusses why MAPs are valuable for consumers AND merchants,  and what we think about stores who break contractual commitments.

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Updated Solar Lamps and Solar Lamp Posts for 2013

Updated Solar Lamps & Lamp Posts at SolarFlairLighting.com

SolarLightingSmart.com is a blog written by SolarFlairLighting.com, an e-commerce site that provides “Smart Solutions for Solar Lighting and More!”

We’ve updated our site to reflect new product selections and prices for Gama Sonic Solar Lamps and Solar Lamp Posts to reflect 2013 product selections and new prices, as well as our handy reference guide to help you determine which one is best for you.

While prices rose for a few products, many prices dropped due to increased efficiencies in manufacturing. To be frank, given the cost of raw materials used in solar lamps, from the cast aluminum housing, to quality mono crystalline solar panels, to other metals used in circuitry, we had expected price increases across the board.

And, all of these products are sold by SolarFlairLighting.com with free shipping and discounts when several products are purchased.

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Recommended Reading: Solar Industry May Soon Face a Shortage of Skilled Labor

Recommended blog post:  The Solar Industry May Soon Face a Shortage of Skilled Labor, written by Comly Wilson, published on RenewableEnergyWorld.com.

November 26, 2012  “The growth of the solar industry may soon face the reality of not having enough skilled workers to satisfy demand, suggests a recent report by The Solar Foundation and the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). Despite a dragging economy overall, installed solar capacity has increased dramatically in the past few years.

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Energy Facts, And A Few Fibs, On Display At Presidential Debate (From Huffingtonpost.com)

2012 "Town Hall" Presidential Debate

2012 “Town Hall” Presidential Debate by Getty Images

Our Note: The bulk of this article, and the first photo, is taken from a HuffingtonPost.com article published on October 16, 2012. In some instances, we have added facts, links and videos that we have found on our own that provide greater more information on what is stated in the article.

Article: Energy Facts, And A Few Fibs, On Display At Presidential Debate

“A question from a voter at Tuesday evening’s town hall debate — regarding whether it was within the purview of the government to control the price of gas — sent President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney into a war of words over energy policy, and neither actually answered the question.” Continue reading

What’s Trending on US Campuses: Solar and Renewables!

Solar's a Hot Trend on Campus!

Solar is Hot Trend on Campus!

Campuses across the United States are making big moves to solar technology recently.

North and south, coast to coast, there are plenty examples of academic, institutional and commercial/industrial campuses that are making significant investments in solar technology and it’s paying off!

Some of the reasons for embracing solar? Along with the variety of solar applications today, solar is being used more frequently because:

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New Flora Solar Lamps Available in Three Mounting Types!

New Series: Flora Solar Lamps

After nearly six months with no major new solar lamps in our stock, we are pleased that we now offer Gama Sonic’s new Flora Series.  These are great, cost-effective lamps with a new type of design and the  latest in solar technology.

The new Flora Solar Lamps Fitter, shown to the right, provides reliable solar lighting, combining the latest solar in technology with distinctive design.  They are available as fitters to retrofit existing lamp posts or place on new lamp posts, as wall mounts, for mounting on horizontal surface, shown to the right. Continue reading

From Solar Lighting to Green Houses, Winter Means Deals for Your Spring Garden

get deals on garden equipment in deep winterYou may not be thinking about gardening right with short days and cold weather.  But, if you’ll want new landscape lights, outdoor furniture, compost equipment or even greenhouses in the spring, the darkest weeks of winter are great times to get great deals on these items!

It’s not really related to the holiday, it’s more an issue of supply and demand.  In most areas, the  gardening season starts in late March, although those lucky enough to live in warmer climates can garden much earlier.  Other people start to indoor seedlings plant seedlings as early as January for spring crops and flowers.

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